Designer - Zeynep Eren

Zeynep "Xeino" Eren, nicknamed "Xeino" by her family and friends, was born in the most western part of the Orient-Istanbul, Turkey.

As a child, Xeino roamed the streets and waterways of this extraordinary city full of suprises, natural beauty, civilizations, and history. As Xeino blossomed into young adulthood, her place in the world shifted.

As a result of a unique family situation, Xeino set off on a path, which has allowed her to experience life in New York, Washington, D.C., and Istanbul. Xeino is an international pioneer of our day! No one place is her home.

In her work, she combines the culture of the East with her vision of the West, in which she finds elements of excitement and endless creativity. As she blends these two worlds, she is influenced by a variety of sources as her caravan ancestors were many years ago.

Actually, there are more than two worlds in Xeino's life. Of course, the inspiration, suprises, and materials she finds in Istanbul are combined with the pulse she feels in New York City.

But this equation wouldn't be complete without the Mediterranean peninsula of Bodrum in the southwest of Turkey, where Xeino recharges each summer, or the Capitol of the United States-Washington D.C., where she stays with her family.

Lots of elements, such as surprise, pulse, rejuvenation, and life all combine to make Xeino who she is.

Manager - Dilara Eren

Dilara “Didi” Eren is the Co-Owner and General Manager of Xeino, LLC.

She is in charge of marketing, sales, client relations and management of the company. She occasionally collaborates with her mother on creative projects and details as well.

Dilara has spent half of her life in the DC metro area and the other half in Turkey. She still loves traveling back and forth to be able to capture the contrast between the different cultures.

When Xeino LLC was first established in 2001, Dilara was 12 years old.

She watched Xeino grow into a successful business from scratch as the rolls of yarn in the family room turned into chic hats showcased in stylish Manhattan boutiques.

In 2012, she graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Communication and took over the “business side of things” for Xeino.

She loves being able to deliver to the specific needs of clients and challenging herself to catch up to Xeino’s creative ways of thinking in this unique mother-and-daughter company.

Company - Xeino LLC.

Xeino, LLC is a handmade accessories company specializing in hand-crocheted and hand-knit merchandise run by a dynamic mother- and-daughter duo.

The primary production at this stage is hats and neckwear, but not limited to these items. Xeino LLC was established in 2001 and is a US (Maryland) based corporation owned by the Eren Family.

The primary motivation behind this company's creation was simple: An intensive hobby that was recognized by many was suddenly transformed into a business. After nearly 20 years as a hobby, the aesthetics and merits of an almost extinct form of handicraft produced a following of like-minded admirers.

These like-minded people created an impetus by helping Xeino find vintage designs from their attic, others brought over their grandma's shawls or hats. These admirers were all women who contributed to a business, which was bound to succeed eventually.

We are able to handle orders 10 to 10,000 items per order. For large quantities we reach to our production group of women. Xeino, the designer, creates the designs and uniquely makes the first couple of her limited edition versions to teach and train her staff.

We are also functional and specialize in working both as a design house and a handmade manufacturing facility. We have the capacity to outsource fibers and yarn, create designs exclusively, produce private labels and manufacture in quantities according to the needs of specific clients.

Exclusive or non-exclusive, from yarn selection to production, Xeino LLC. has the means to understand, design and outsource. We promise a meticulous quality control chain, from yarn selection to production in an on time delivery manner to your doorstep.